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                           GreenSoul Movement Raw Food Classes, Kemetic holistic medicine. This was taught by founder Azalea Blalock and Raw Food Class Brenda Fisher


  GreenSoul putting in a community African Herbal garden with Grandma Rene as teacher.

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     Welcome to the GreenSoul Movement.  We are a collective of healers, artists, raw foodists, organic gardeners, educators, and volunteers.  We come together in community, for the community.  We are bringing the wisdom of elders and the healing power of nature to youth.  We are teaching Eco-education, creating sustainable communities, and healing.  We are moving towards a worldwide community of sustainable GreenSoul Earth Villages promoting health, wellness, prosperity, and abundance.  It is our goal to begin with one local GreenSoul Earth Village in Ga. and use it as a model to emulate and reproduce in other communities and people. We are inspired by African/ancient traditions perserving african herbs that are endangered, growing them for the healing of the people.

GreenSoulfest to encourage ecological living

Oakland Tribune,  by Cecily Burt, STAFF WRITER

OAKLAND -- Anyone who has ever met Azalea Blalock quickly realizes that she is a woman on a mission to heal the world and the people in it, one step at a time.

So this Saturday a vacant lot on 12th Street in West Oakland will be turned into a multicultural village for the day, offering workshops on the environment, asthma prevention, HIV education, green building methods, healthy food demonstrations, ancient healing techniques and free massages for the community. There will be music, dance, storytelling, yoga and activities for young and old.

It's the first-ever GreenSoulfest, hosted by Blalock, founder and director of Healthy Thru Nature Institute, and others who share her desire for a natural, healthy, ecological society. And it's happening in her own neighborhood, a place where pollution from diesel truck traffic and industrial companies fouls the air and residents suffer higher than normal rates of asthma and other respiratory ailments.

It's also where more than 30 percent of the families live in poverty and residents have few locations to buy fresh food, or do their banking. Drug dealing, crime and violence have made neighborhood streets a hazardous place to be after dark.

Blalock, who was moved to study natural holistic healing techniques after suffering a debilitating illness that modern medicine could not fully cure, said those issues make it all the more important for residents, especially those of color, to take action to heal themselves and their community.

"The purpose of the GreenSoulfest is to educate and empower our communities on environmental issues, disease prevention, eco-living and eco-health," she said. "It's not so much about a place, but to give each individual the power to take control of their own situation."

The centerpiece of the festival is a 120-square-foot healing hut made of all natural materials such as sand and clay and straw. The building will be shaped like a gazebo, or yurt, with a roof of locally-grown bamboo. It will have 18-inch thick poured earth walls that work as a thermal buffer to keep heat in or out, depending on the weather outside, said Nik Bertulis, a builder/designer of environmentally friendly and natural structures who also teaches those techniques at Merritt College.

Bertulis is a member of DIGcooperative, a nonprofit, worker- owned collective of architects and licensed contractors who have similar interests in creating structures that work in harmony with nature. DIG owns the property where the festival is being held, and eventually members would like to create a cultural center at the site.

Everyone interested in creating cities that are more livable, ecologically healthy and just is welcome to participate, he said.






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